Don’t Ignore that ‘Nagging Feeling’

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Today’s motivational message:
Don’t ignore that ‘nagging feeling’

It just occurred to me that many of you may not know why I decided to start doing something… that has officially labeled me as “The Wine Lady”. So I thought I’d share the story. (Sorry, it’s a long one)

Upon relocating to Joplin I found myself feeling ‘lost’ and without a sense of purpose. I tell ya, that’s a rough place to be… and it wasn’t much fun! I was finding it difficult to motivate and find a routine. (Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s definitely not normal.) I also had a nagging feeling that just wouldn’t go away.

So, one morning (many months later) I woke up and told myself (I probably even said it out loud) that today I was going to stop feeling worthless and actually do something. The only problem was… I had no idea what that ‘something’ would be.

So, I started to volunteer my time at a local charity, in order to quiet that ‘nagging noise’. Let me tell you, volunteering has been truly amazing! I help where needed and feel like I’m “making a difference”.

End of story, right? Nope, just the beginning… because the nagging was still there. Sure, not as loud, but I could still feel its presence. Seriously? What the heck?

When I would reflect on my volunteering I realized I still wasn’t doing enough. I asked myself, do I need to volunteer more? Do I need to find more charities that need help? The answers, “yes” and “yes”!

Around that same time I saw a friend’s Facebook post. She was promoting a wine sale. Did she say “wine”? Well, I like wine… and that’s an awesome price on 6 bottles. OK, sold! I’m purchasing a case!

Wait — it gets better! The next 15 minutes actually changed my life…

I place my order and immediately get a ‘thank you for your order’ from ONEHOPE. OK, so who exactly is ONEHOPE? (I should probably check them out before I have to tell Steve that I just bought a case of wine.) Of course I open my Google browser and search ONEHOPE. Wow, Napa Valley award winning wines… that really was a good deal on a case of wine. What’s this…Mondavi connections? Even better! What? Every bottle gives back to a specific social cause?! Seriously? How does that work?

So, I’m researching ONEHOPE… and…do you remember that nagging feeling I had? Well, it’s now screaming at me. I literally stopped what I was doing & told myself, “you need to do this”! At that same moment I received an email from a friend. The email contained a link to a job (posted on eBay) and a brief note that said, “You’d be awesome at this & I’d be your biggest customer”. (The job posting was a wine distributor (not ONEHOPE) looking for local reps.)

Needless to say, I took the series of events as ‘a sign’ and signed up with ONEHOPE a day later.

Sorry for being so long winded & thank you if you actually read that entire novel, but I felt I needed to share the why behind my latest adventure.

Reflecting upon all those months leading up to my ‘ah ha’ moment… I now realize the ‘nagging feeling’ was telling me that I need to do something — for others! ONEHOPE has been the answer! ONEHOPE is the vehicle allowing me the opportunity to work with so many amazing people & organizations. Better yet, I’m helping others give back to their charities! (Talk about making my heart happy!)

Has it been difficult? Yes! I’m forced outside my comfort zone on a constant basis and I dislike asking people for help. I’m also not a very good salesperson (that’s Steve’s job), but I truly believe in the ONEHOPE mission so I’ll keep pressing on!

Has it been fun? Yes! I’ve met so many awesome people & it’s funny when I see people and they say, ‘hey, it’s the Wine Lady’!

So, long story short… I’m thankful I kept listening to the ‘nagging feeling’, I’m thankful I discovered ONEHOPE and I’m thankful to all of you for helping make a difference! We ARE making a difference — ‘one bottle at a time’!

Share your thoughts with me… about my story or about ONEHOPE Wine! I’d love your feedback. Oh, and if you need to quiet your own ‘nagging noise’ I’d love for you to consider ONEHOPE. Just think of what we could do together.

Have a great day!

Sending you all big (((Hugs)))


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