Rules When Cooking With Wine (Along With Some Recipes)


You know, you can do more with wine than just sip it! I actually enjoy cooking with wine too… especially when the meal turns out even better than I could have imagined. Actually, my grandmother was the first person to introduce me to cooking with wine. I recall many times when I’d be sitting at the counter, in her cozy kitchen, listening to her tell a story while preparing dinner. Sure enough – a bottle of wine would be nearby & be added to the recipe. I smile as I recall those days… and the awesome meals enjoyed at my grandparent’s home — on more than one occasion.

OK, enough reminiscing — fast forward to recent days. Steve & I love cooking with wine. Of course I follow a recipe step by step, where as Steve likes to experiment more. He’s amazing in the kitchen & has definitely helped me try new things.

So… when it comes to cooking with wine there’s 2 things you need to remember:

#1. Don’t use wine you wouldn’t drink! Would you ever consider pouring a glass of cooking wine? I don’t think I need to elaborate, right?!

#2. Pay attention to the price of the wine! Don’t cook with your best bottle of wine…and avoid the cheapest. A less expensive bottle will not compliment the food flavors properly. Given the choice of when to use a nice bottle as an ingredient in a recipe, or as a drink… definitely save your premium bottle for the glass!

Once you’ve selected a wine to cook with, you need to decide how you’d like to use it. There are three main ways to cook with wine.  You can use it as a marinade, as a liquid to cook in, or as a flavoring to a finished dish. Best results tend to come when the wine is used in the cooking process though. No matter how you choose to use the wine just remember the purpose of wine in cooking is to enhance an existing flavor.

Ready to start cooking? Here’s a collection of great recipes that all call for wine to help get your meal planning juices flowing.


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