In honor of April being Autism Awareness Month and half of all sales of ONEHOPE California Cabernet and Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet being donated to our cause partner ACT today …. I wanted to find a recipe using these particular wines! I’ve succeeded! Better yet…. with summer right around the corner (I still can’t believe it’s just a little over 1 month away) I needed to come up with some creative & fun ways to get my SWMO friends to go outside their comfort zone & try ‘different’ wine varietals. 😉 While looking around for some ‘sweet’ recipes, I stumbled upon the below simple cabernet sangria recipe — from the very own ONEHOPE Wine blog. Now isn’t that convenient? This simple cabernet sangria recipe may actually do the trick & please my pickiest friends!

Today’s Thirsty Thursday recipe is a drink with Spanish roots and modern-day flair. The traditional sangria is made with red wine, tropical fruits, and occasionally a sparkling water or flavored liqueur. Some people prefer more traditional fruits (think apples and oranges) since they’re more easily available. The good news is that, no matter what recipe you choose, this delicious drink is simple to prepare and impressive to serve!

– ½ red apple, cored and chopped
– ½ naval orange, skin on, and sliced into small chunks
– 3-4 teaspoons of sweetener, we prefer can sugar, but brown sugar works, too.
– ¾ cup of orange juice. More or less to taste.
– 1/3rd cup of Brandy, or rum if you prefer, to taste.
– 1 bottle of red wine. (Spanish, dry wines work best. Think Rioja.) ONEHOPE has a yummy Cabernet too! 😉

Making the sangria is simple as pie. Start by muddling your fruit and sugar in a pitcher with a wooden spoon for about 45 seconds. Next, add in your orange juice and secondary alcohol (rum or brandy) and muddle for another 45 seconds to a minute. Finally, add in the red wine and stir.

All sangrias are a bit different, and everyone has their own flavor preference. Be sure to taste your mix as you stir, and feel free to add more sweetener or secondary alcohol as you feel fit. Once you like the flavor, add ice to chill, and perhaps an orange spiral as a garnish.

Sangria is best served fresh, but your mix can be refrigerated and enjoyed for an additional 24-48 hours.

Little known fact about this summertime favorite beverage; there are laws surrounding what can and can not be officially labeled as a Sangria across Europe. (Fascinating!) Starting in January of 2014, the European Union approved labeling laws that protect what they call, “aromatized drinks.” Since then, only sangria made in Spain or Portugal can be legally labeled as “Sangria.” All other variations of the drink must be labeled with their geographical region, for example “German Sangria” or “Swiss Sangria.” Therefore, if you are in Europe, and are lucky enough to find a ”Sangria” on the menu, know that you’re enjoying a sangria straight from the heart of where the drink originated. (Won’t you sound so smart if you drop this little fun fact?!)

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Cheers to making an impact… one bottle at a time! 🍷🍹

Sending you big (((hugs)))


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