The World Might Be A Scary Place…


So, today’s ‘Motivational Monday’ is all about remaining optimistic… and ya know what…I have Harold to thank!

Many of you probably already know that I LOVE (((hugs))) and if you didn’t know that little fun fact about me – consider yourself forewarned! Anyway, on my personal Facebook page I post, what I call, “Daily (((Hugs)))”. Each weekend I spend time (probably too much time considering the comments I hear from Steve) and search for upcoming weekly ‘themes’. I decided that starting next Sunday I wanted to focus on ‘bubbles’…so while searching for bubble quotes I stumbled upon Harold (he’s the adorable little guy in the above image)! OK – I need to tell you… I LOVE Harold! We had an instant connection & he totally gets me! (Seriously, the images I found have taken up quite a bit of space on my iPhone, but I’m thrilled to say that I’ve already planned a “Daily (((Hugs)))” week dedicated… to the one and only Harold! (Awesome, huh?!)

Goodness, I’m digressing and you’re probably asking… what on earth does this have to do with ‘motivation’ or wine?! Well, when I was getting things scheduled for Harold’s week (May 7-13) I couldn’t help but giggle at all the images & quotes. Harold’s creator definitely helps you to recall that life is only as complicated as YOU decide to make it! Case in point, take the above image… “The world might be a scary place…but at least I’ve got a bottle of wine and a bit of night sky…”. See what I mean? Kind of makes you stop, pause, think and nod your head… right?!

I guess the image really clicked with me. I had a rough start to last week, but was reminded, by a friend (thanks Vickie) to not be afraid of ‘shadows’ and that the sun would return. And ya know what, the sun did return (along with a sunny disposition). So, no matter what you’re dealing with this week — whether it’s all good, all bad, a combination of both… or unknown… please try to remember that tomorrow’s another day & you’ll get through it! I promise! (Also, if you’re having a really bad day or week — please, please, please find someone to talk to… a friend can help in your darkest days.)

Remain optimistic my friends! When you’re down… reach out to me… I can offer a (((hug))) and glass of wine! 🍷


Sending you big (((Hugs))) ☺️


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