Think Positive


Today’s ‘Motivational Monday’ is all about remaining positive. Last week’s post has been staying with me… and for some reason ‘Harold’ made me think of my dad…and thinking of my dad reminds me to think positively.  No, my dad’s name is not Harold… it was Robert (or as everyone knew him, Bob). Anyway, Harold is so matter of fact and so…positive. Ever since I was a young girl my dad always taught me to “think positively”. Well, to be exact, I can recall my dad saying, “If you think positively and believe you can… you will”.

Case in point: I believe this memory goes back to 6th or 7th grade (goodness – that’s an old memory). Just goes to show that good advice never gets old. Anyway, I was going to be performing in a 4-H baton twirling competition and I was really nervous. I recall being nervous due to having to compete against other girls who were in a competitive baton twirling club and I was just a girl twirling for fun. I can distinctly remember my dad telling me that he believed in me & if I believed in myself I could achieve anything set my mind to. I hung on his every word and took to heart what he had just shared. I can’t remember how much time had passed since the talk and the number of days I practiced before the big event, but I do remember telling myself – with every step – that I could do it… I could make every move perfect… and I was good enough to win. You know what? I went out onto the floor and believed I could do it! I knew my routine and nailed it. I ended up with a first place medal. Little ol’ me! Huh! I think I needed to listen to Dad more often.

So as I think back to that day and the overall message from today’s post…I can’t help but think that we can truly determine the outcome of almost everything we take on! If we think negatively, we will be emitting negative ‘vibes’ and can almost be assured a bad outcome. Think positively and good things will happen!

I’m sure you’re able to recall a moment or two where you’ve quite possibly changed the course of an outcome or changed the mood of your day. Right?

So whatever you do…think positively! You’ll be happy you did!

Sending you big (((hugs)))!


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