Our Impact to Date

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Today’s ‘Motivational Monday’ post is really quite amazing — when you stop and think about it. Some of you reading this (and the many NOT reading) probably still don’t get ‘this wine thing’. But… when you stop and look at the numbers… it’s so truly awesome!

So, this ‘wine thing’ is called ONEHOPE Wine. ONEHOPE is dedicated to making a difference EVERY day… not just one month out of the year. Every ONEHOPE varietal gives back half of all profits to a particular social cause – – think Pinot Noir giving back half of all Pinot Noir sales to the ASPCA. That’s a lot of animals finding a forever home, right?

Well, today I wanted to share just how much of an impact ONEHOPE Wine has been making over the past few years. Here are the final, up-to-date numbers (as earlier today) on a few of the ONEHOPE varietals.

  • ONEHOPE Sparkling Brut has been able to provide 1,592,189 meals!
  • ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc has planted 83,868 trees!
  • ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon has provided ABA therapy to 1,607 children with autism!
  • ONEHOPE Pinot Noir & Pinot Grigio have helped 33,050 animals find a forever home!
  • ONEHOPE Chardonnay and Muscat (aka: Moscato) have provided 11,127 clinical trials for breast cancer!
  • ONEHOPE Merlot has provided 95,161 people with life-changing medications!
  • ONEHOPE Zinfandel and Red Blend have sent 2,800 veterans to aid in natural disaster!
  • ONEHOPE Riesling has provided 574 children with 6 weeks of literacy education!

Reading the list gives me goosebumps! I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing company & I’m even more thrilled to be able to contribute to those numbers. Making an impact is amazing… even if it is… ‘one bottle at a time’!

If you’re a current customer, “thank you for making an impact”… if you’re thinking about becoming a customer… “what are you waiting for?” – – contact me & let’s get that ordered placed!…and, finally, if you want to make an impact along side of me… reach out — I’d love to have you on my team!

Have a wonderful day!

Cheers! Sending you big (((hugs)))


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