It’s officially May! Can you believe it?! Where in the world have the past 9 months gone? In a few short weeks I will have a high school graduate living in our home! Seriously, wasn’t it just yesterday that she was holding my hand and heading to her kindergarten line at Canyon Creek Elementary? This latest milestone is really making me feel OLD! Thank goodness May brings a bunch of great “holidays” to keep me busy! My birthday, Sarah’s birthday, graduation and my anniversary. Poor Steve!

So, in honor of all the awesome May holidays here’s a margarita recipe that is a light, refreshing version of it’s tequila counterpart. The sweet wine, ONEHOPE’s Central Coast Reserve Riesling, pairs well with the citrus fruit in this recipe. The riesling brings in the acidity and lime flavors to the margarita along with some riper fruit aromatics traditionally added with Cointreau.

Enjoy! By the way, this drink is best served with friends.

1. Lime wedges, to garnish
2. Salt, to garnish
3. 3 cups Central Coast Reserve Riesling
4. 3/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate
5. 1/2 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
6. 3 cups ice

Place salt in a plastic bowl, wide enough to fit the rims of margarita glasses. Rub each rim of the margarita glasses with a lime wedge. Then dip each glass into the bowl of salt to coat the rims. Set glasses aside.
In a blender, combine wine, orange juice concentrate, lime juice, and ice in blender. Crush until smooth. Divide into 4 salt-rimmed glasses, and garnish with lime wedge. Serve immediately.

Pair this with shrimp or fish tacos, or a vegan taco (radishes, avo, cabbage, and lime) for Cinco de Mayo!

Happy “May” Holidays!
Sending you big (((hugs)))


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