Berry Delicious Rosé Cocktail

IMG_8682This week’s “Thirsty Thursday” is from the fun website, The Glitter Guide. Dan and Marie shared this delicious cocktail of the month!

Continue reading to learn more about this delicious spring cocktail and pick up the ingredients to make it for your friends and family this weekend. I’m certain they’ll be berry glad you did. 😉

The Cobbler, an often forgotten relative of the Julep and the Fix, is our go-to spring aperitif. The drink is essentially a light punch served over crushed ice. Classic recipes call for a base of any kind (commonly a fortified wine), with sugar, fruit and crushed ice. The Sherry Cobbler is often regarded as the most popular beverage of the 19th century.

It’s important to note that one of the defining features of a Cobbler is the ornamental garnish of seasonal berries. Don’t hold back on this step. Grab whatever you can find and garnish the heck out of it. Berries, stone fruits, citrus, herbs—you really can’t go wrong, and can’t add too much. This is essential to a well-made Cobbler.

So why did the Cobbler fall out of favor? We suspect the decline in popularity of low-ABV (alcohol by volume) drinks. Fortified wines just don’t have the same kick as higher octane spirits like whiskey and gin, but that’s exactly what makes them so enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon with friends!

Rosé Cobbler

– 1 lemon wedge
– 1 lime wedge
– 1 orange wedge
– 3/4 ounce peach liqueur
– 2 ounces Rosé wine (ONEHOPE California Rosé)

– Combine ingredients in small shaking tin.
– Muddle, add ice, shake, strain into a chilled glass ​and ​mound with crushed ice.
– Garnish generously with seasonal berries and herbs.

Cheers! 🥂
Sending you big (((Hugs))) ☺️🍷


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